Skin Type: Rosacea

Actualizado: 10 de ene de 2019

Do you ever wonder why you have areas of redness on various places of your body? It may be due to rosacea. Read more below.

Rosacea is a common skin disorder which often begins as redness appearing on the face. Sometimes the eyes are affected first with dryness and irritation. The redness may gradually appear on the ears, cheeks, forehead, eyes, chest and back.

At first the redness may come and go, but over time, it can become more persistent, and visible blood vessels and tiny pimples may appear. In severe cases it mimics acne like breakouts.

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Who gets rosacea?

It is estimated that 1.6 million Canadians have Rosacea, making it a very common skin disorder. There are several factors that may increase your chances of developing Rosacea:

- Age: Rosacea generally occurs between the ages of 30 and 50, although it can sometimes be seen in children

- Rosacea often develops in fair-skinned people of Irish, Scottish, English of Eastern or Northern European descent

- Women are more likely to get Rosacea then men. However, men tend to experience more severe symptoms

- A family history of rosacea

Rosacea is progressive, meaning if symptoms are not treated, and triggers not managed, they may worsen over time.

What causes Rosacea?

Although Rosacea is a widespread skin disease, No one knows the exact cause, therefore treatment can only be focused on reducing symptoms and prevention of triggers. Rosacea is progressive, meaning if symptoms are not treated, and triggers not managed, they may worsen over time.

The following “triggers “can cause symptoms to flare up:

. Alcohol

. High temperature

. Sun exposure

. Emotion

. Exercise

. Cosmetics

. Hypertension medications

Treatment options

The following are Topical prescriptions:

. Redness: monidine gel

. Pimples: metronidazole / azelaic acid

. Pustules: minocycline / tetracycline

. Severe Rosacea: isotretinoine (Not during pregnancy!)

Topical natural products can be used regularly and are very soothing for the skin:

. Aloe Vera

. Cucumber

. Honey

In severe and chronic cases especially with signs of inflammation always see your Physician or Dermatologist


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