Everything You Want to Know About our New Product: Asterina

Actualizado: 7 de oct de 2019

Our new product, Asterina™, uses starfish extract, an unexpected new skincare ingredient, to offer the skin benefits of collagen, elastin and calcium. Our formula promotes collagen synthesis– meaning it works WITH your existing collagen to enhance its performance, rather than introducing new collagen into your system. The starfish extract found in our new product Asterina™, rejuvenates the skin for a youthful, hydrated complexion. Since Asterina™ is complementary to existing collagen, showing synergy, it can be used when first signs of wrinkles are beginning to manifest.

Asterina™ is an all-natural product, using Canadian ingredients in conjunction with Starfish in the Sea’s cruelty free harvesting enzyme. Asterina works to reduce wrinkles and firms the skin– much like you can expect from Botox. In comparison, Asterina™ is more cost effective and whereas Botox provides temporary relief for wrinkles, Asterina is regenerative. Asterina™ can be used in conjunction with Botox and fillers to help enhance the skins firmness and youthfulness by enhancing the effect of Botox/fillers.

Asterina™ is an effective non-invasive skin restorative treatment that is applied in the comfort of your home! Our product’s clinical research shows that it supports the skin barrier and regenerates fibroblasts that produce collagen and elastin within the skin. Consequently, it also works as an anti-aging cream. Since our product is non-invasive, it requires no surgery (such as facelift’s, which stretch and weaken again skin that is already deprived of collagen and elastic, leading to temporary effects. Asterina™ also requires no laser treatment, which works to boost the skins collagen and elastin, but treatments can only happen every four to six weeks. Our cream can be used daily! Lastly, Asterina™ requires no injections, which are pricy and don’t rejuvenate the skin in the process.

With Asterina™, you can see the results of youthful, firm skin without invasive treatments. Our product gives Stellar results! Asterina™ comes in a day and night moisturizing cream that have different strengths, as well as an eye serum with the highest concentration. Our product retails at $62.95 (50ml) which is far more economical than other treatments that claim the same effect, although invasive in nature. In addition, our product guarantees for Asterina™ are as follows:

· All Natural

· Renewable Source

· No Animal Cruelty

· Canadian Ingredients

· Health Canada Certified

· Non-allergenic

· Non-comedogenic

Additionally, Dr. Bert Skincare is the only retailer in North America that uses starfish extract in clinically proven therapeutic concentrations!

Before & After Pictures from InnoVac's Juventide Trial

Before & After Pictures from InnoVac's Juventide Trial

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